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The inevitable end result of our last 56 years

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1 hour ago, James DiEugenio said:

She wanted four hundred billion more in October.

And she would not talk to Trump directly about it, which would have pressured Mitch.

She negotiated directly with the White House — Treasury Sec Mnuchin.  Trump doesn’t personally do negotiations since he doesn’t know anything.

Trump pressured Mitch by crying for a larger relief package.  Mitch stiffed him.

1 hour ago, James DiEugenio said:

So now she got a package half the amount.

I really hope this is her last term.


I hope when 2023 rolls around Pelosi and Feinstein both enjoy their spectacular views of the Golden Gate Bridge.

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4 hours ago, Sandy Larsen said:

I suspect that Pelosi feared that everybody getting $600 checks signed by Donald Trump would help him win the election. And so Pelosi was in no mood to compromise.

I suspect that McConnell felt the same way. He wasn't interested in a longer Trump term that would only serve to further split the party. Trump was already too powerful as it was. And so McConnell was in no mood to compromise.


Right, but as I said, the $600 or $1200 checks to working Americans as well as to the unemployed was a patent sop to curry favor.  I questioned why an Executive order to continue the federal unemployment aid to the states - a $300 check weekly for the unemployed, atop rock-bottom state unemployment insurance - couldn't have been continued from October till now.  That would have been Trump's decision to make, without Congressional approval.  And his not making it may have cost him his victory margin.

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Now Trump's trying to scuttle the stimulus bill by insisting on $2000 checks:


If the bill fails, people may lose even their rock-bottom state unemployment insurance in December 31.

Am I too dystopian, or is all this - including Trump - Deep State politics?

EDIT: And then, at 9 PM Capitol time, the DEM rejoinder, like a game of ping-pong played by mimes:


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Sandy said:

One of my reasons for asking Dennis and Jim D. for their top 10 presidents is because it seemed to me that they'd be unable to pick that many whose presidencies they could stomach.



Dennis Said:

Is this you admitting you were wrong Sandy?


I don't think so, Dennis. After all, you had to throw in James Garfield to complete your list of ten. He served only six months before being assassinated... perhaps he wasn't in office long enough for you to learn to hate.  :P


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3 hours ago, James DiEugenio said:

Introducing Joe Biden, aka Obama Part 2:



Here's the political reality. Trump's been so obsessed lately with throwing out the election, that even a grifter like Trump somehow missed the opportunity of bribing his base for more political influence by advocating a $2000 check. This would seem unforgivable for a character like Trump, especially because he reversed himself and did the very same thing 2 months ago in the earlier covid negotiation! Which proves he's so isolated, that there wasn't some aide around that would have told him that was an obvious thing to curry favor with his base, and proves hes too burned out to even remember he did it and learn anything from it!. But for whatever lame, self serving  reason in Trump's case, it's obvious $600 isn't going to make near the difference $2000 is. So now Pelosi's is in a last minute attempt to try to take him up on the threatened veto and get the $2000!
Despite Jims article.Fact: Every Democrat would vote for at least a $1200 check, and probably a $2000 check including Joe Biden. Why wouldn't he? The more stimulus thrown at the problem, the easier Biden's path is. As far as Biden's apparently aiding the stripped down bill. He obviously, like Pelosi and Schumer wasn't aware that Trump could be an ally because Trump was off in space!
What smelled a little fishy in Jim's article was that it stated that there were Republicans that want the $1200 check, while specifically naming no one, which is quite an omission!  In this article I found, they talk of one Senator from Missouri. Ok,  maybe there are others.  This article does have a series of related articles about the covid bill that may be of interest.
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Millions of unemployed ( on the rolls and not ) are behind in their rents, car payments and probably many other basic need payments.

$600 for a single head of household or $1200 for a married couple won't touch the amounts they owe. 

Like me the last stimulus check. My 2007, 185,000 mileage car broke down the day I received my check. $1,400 repair bill the next day. $1,400 I didn't have before the check.

Yes, the check covered 85% of the car repair bill and I was grateful to get it.

But times are 3,4 and 5X more dire financially for millions of covid income loss Americans now versus 8 months ago ( my wife and daughter lost their jobs due to Covid by the summer ) and they ( the McConnell Republicans ) cut these checks in half?

Even people who voted for Trump ( must be millions as well ) are in this covid lost income stress and they don't care that the people they supported and voted for are screwing them like this...with their own money?

Wall Street, millionaire farmers, race horse owners, Tom Brady ... no problem giving them big chunk bailouts. But millions of super stressed working class and lower Americans?  $600?

That wouldn't cover McConnell's monthly housekeeper costs.

From our very own Marie Antoinette minded Mitch McConnell .... "Let them eat cake!"

Dicken's Scrooge reincarnate ... "Are there no workhouses?"



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I'm wondering if anybody's going to get anything.  I'm afraid the Repubs will say no, and we'll be at some sort of stalemate, and folk won't even get 600. 

The way I see it, this is also a way for them not to pay anything.

600 is a  low amount, but it's something.

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40 minutes ago, Steve Thomas said:

Donald Trump is very big on revenge.

He is deliberately scuttling the Stimulus Relief Bill.

He's going to get back at Mitch McConnell for McConnell not helping him to overturn the election.

He's also going to get back at the American people for voting him out of office.

Steve Thomas

Steve, I agree.  I seriously think this is the Revenge In Chief's thoughts and motivation.

As Michael Cohen ( his consigliere and closest confidant for 10 years ) stated in his tell-all book about Trump, he likes to get back at those who contested, criticised or caused him to not get anything he wanted.

Vindictive to the point of sadistic pleasure.

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Flynn: Trump Needs To Seize Voting Machines, Could Use "Military Capabilities" To "Rerun" Elections In Swing States

Posted By Ian Schwartz December 17, 2020


“Flynn said President Trump could use "military capabilities" and place them in swing states to "re-run an election." Flynn said while he is not calling for Martial law, the general said he is not opposed to the tactic.”


Notice that Flynn did not call for the U.S. Army to get involved. He only wants Trump to use "military capabilities". That sounds like a private army of "little green men".

Trump just pardoned four guys from Blackwater.

The country would never stand for something like that, of course. But, I agree that Flynn should be recalled to Active Service and court martialed for inciting an armed insurrection.

Steve Thomas


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