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Trump Surrogates Who Should Be Quarantining Hit Campaign Trail

"People who were in close proximity to the president around the time of his COVID-19 diagnosis are hosting in-person events throughout the country."

By Jessica Schulberg



Even as new people linked to the White House test positive for COVID-19 each day, the Trump campaign shows little concern about limiting the spread of the virus. On Thursday, several of Trump’s family members, advisers and surrogates who had been around the president before he tested positive for COVID-19 are scheduled to travel around the country to appear at campaign events.

Vice President Mike Pence, the head of the White House’s coronavirus task force, is planning to travel to Nevada and Arizona on Thursday for back-to-back “Make America Great Again” events at an airplane hangar and a military and police gear manufacturer. Later that day, the president’s son Eric Trump will host two events in North Carolina while his brother Donald Trump Jr. hosts an event in Panama City Beach, Florida, at a Holiday Inn. South Dakota Gov. Kristi Noem, former Florida Attorney General Pam Bondi and Trump campaign adviser Corey Lewandowski will also be in Florida, hosting an event at a Veterans of Foreign Wars post in Naples. That evening, Trump campaign advisers Katrina Pierson, Mercedes Schlapp and Lara Trump, who is Eric Trump’s wife, will appear at a “Women for Trump” bus tour event at the New Englander Banquet Center in New Castle, Pennsylvania.

Each of those events features campaign surrogates who, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention guidelines, should be in quarantine.

The Trump campaign did not respond to an email asking when the people hosting Thursday’s campaign events last interacted with Trump or anyone else who has tested positive for the coronavirus. The campaign also did not respond to a question about what safety precautions will be in place at the events to protect attendees and staff. The event pages on the campaign’s website do not advise attendees to wear masks or practice social distancing, although they do include a disclosure that by registering for the event, individuals forfeit their right to sue if they contract COVID-19.”

Steve Thomas


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America’s largest police-owned media company proudly announces endorsement of Donald J. Trump for President

Posted by: Kyle S. Reyes |October 5, 2020



I’m sorry. Could you repeat that?

America’s largest police-owned media company…

America’s largest police-owned media company...


I thought that’s what that said.

Steve Thomas

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Clear violation of tax exempt benefit law in actively promoting one political candidate or party over another. 

The Catholic Church has been doing this ever since Reagan. Actively telling their flocks to vote Republican. From the highest levels - Bishops.

Message to the Republican party law and order touting defenders...enforce the non-political tax exempt law.

And even this Bishop "knows" Trump could care less about the abortion issue personally. How many sexual encounters has Trump had ( outside of his marriage ) ... dozens ...hundreds? And without using a condom? Who knows how many flings Trump has had that may or could have resulted in pregnancies with abortions? When you have that many sexual trysts, the odds start stacking up that unwanted pregnancies could have occurred.


Catholic bishop in Missouri criticized for letter on voting

1 hour ago · KANSAS CITY, Mo. (AP) — The bishop of Kansas City-St. Joseph in Missouri is urging parishioners to vote for candidates who are anti-abortion, which some critics contend amounts to an endorsement of Republican candidates. In a letter dated Sept. 14, Bishop James V. Johnston Jr. does not endorse a political party or specific candidates.

It also follows other Catholic leaders who have written similar letters.

Two weeks ago, Pittsburgh Bishop David Zubik urged his parishioners to vote with their conscience based on church teachings.

In September, the Rev. James Altman, a parish priest in La Crosse, Wisconsin, declared in a YouTube video that “you cannot be Catholic and be a Democrat.” La Crosse Bishop William Callahan criticized Altman for entangling the church in scandal.

Roman Catholic voters are an important voting bloc in this year’s election, and both parties are appealing for their votes based on their faith. Roman Catholics have voted for the winner in nine out of the last 10 presidential elections.

Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden is a practicing Catholic but he has been criticized by some for his support of abortion rights. Trump, who identifies as Presbyterian, rarely attends church and critics say his stance on other social issues conflict with Catholic teachings.



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“The second Women’s March of 2020 is being planned for October 17th, 2020 due to the passing of Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsberg on September 18th, 2020. There are 10,000 people planning on attending the march in Washington DC along with over 100 marches across 39 states in 30 cities being planned on that day...”



Somehow, I think 10,000 is going to prove to be a vast under-estimate.

Steve Thomas

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2 minutes ago, Steve Thomas said:

“The second Women’s March of 2020 is being planned for October 17th, 2020 due to the passing of Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsberg on September 18th, 2020. There are 10,000 people planning on attending the march in Washington DC along with over 100 marches across 39 states in 30 cities being planned on that day...”



Somehow, I think 10,000 is going to prove to be a vast under-estimate.

Steve Thomas

I hope many of their signs directly address the issue of Trump's history of sexual predator behavior.

Signs that read Trump's most famous quote:







This issue "alone" ( if given broader national media coverage ) could bring anti-Trump women voters out in droves! It could guarantee a Trump loss ... imo.



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40 minutes ago, Robert Wheeler said:


Never look into the European Adoption Agency in Strongsville, Ohio.

Don't do a Bing Search, or DuckDuckgo, or giburu.com (a very useful engine.)


It sounds like a Trump Organization company.

Ohio Attorney General Mike DeWine today announced a lawsuit against an international adoption agency based in Strongsville for allegedly misleading clients and taking payment for adoption services it never performed...The lawsuit accuses the agency and its owner, Margaret Cole, of violating Ohio’s consumer protection and charitable laws.


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Bob, I agree with you on BIng.  Its pretty good.  Not as good as DuckDuckGo, but its better than Google.

Its worrying.  I mean I think Google is limiting searches, and Facebook now clearly censors. I know because they did it to me. IMO, I think its time to look at a serious anti trust lawsuit.

Thanks for posting that Jim, let us see what RG was about.  

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This is the most diverting line to me so far.

"discussing US presidential candidate Hillary Clinton's approval of a plan concerning US presidential candidate Donald Trump and Russian hackers hampering US elections as a means of distracting the public from her use of a private email server."


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On 10/6/2020 at 3:40 PM, Robert Wheeler said:

Warning this Comment does not mention Trump, Biden, Covid, Murder Hornets, or anything related to the 2020 Election, and only briefly references Obama's dog.


Let's play Six Degrees to the JFK Assassination from North Dakota.

  • John Carr, a suspected accomplice of David Berkowitz (Son of Sam) moved to Minot, North Dakota after Berkowitz was sentenced as the loan killer in 1979.
  • John Carr was found dead shot dead in Minot not too long after (suicide or homicide.)
  • True Crime author Maury Terry later connected Berkowitz and Carr (and Carr's brother) to the Process Church of the Final Judgement.
  • According to an Ed Opperman episode, the Process Church was incorporated in New Orleans by Dean Andrews (the portly lawyer played by John Candy in JFK.)

Bonus, connection to Barak Obama (according to Ed Opperman.)

  • The Process Church had some sort of infatuation with German Shephards.
  • Berkowitz at one point said the neighbor's German Shepard ("Sam" I think, which fits) told him to do the killings.
  • The Process Church eventually repurposed itself as the Best Friends Animal Society. (Now, supposedly one of the largest (in financial assets) animal rescue Charities in the US.)
  • That's where Obama got his dog from (again, I'm going by Opperman.)

Extra Bonus that would be interesting to look into if I had more time; or if anyone here has interest in taking a closer look.

  • Clay Shaw's mother's maiden name was "Herrington." (Alice Herrington Shaw 1888 – 1973)
  • The founder and longtime president of Friends of Animals was named Alice Herrington. 
  • She founded Friends of Animals in Manhattan in 1957.
  • This Friends of Animals "Alice" is not Clay Shaw's mother. However, 
  • I have always wondered if she is related to Clay Shaw, given Shaw's connections to Dean Andrews and Andrews apparent connections to the Process Church (aka Best Friends Animal Society.) 

NY Times Obit

Alice Herrington, the founder and longtime president of Friends of Animals, one of the country's best known animal-protection societies, died on Tuesday at DeKalb Medical Center in Decatur, Ga. Ms. Herrington, a former resident of Manhattan and Little Silver, N.J., was 75 and lived in Lithonia, Ga.

Here is the "Friends of Alice" NY Times Obit (1919 - 1994).

Extra, extra bonus degrees of separation. I grew up in Little Silver, New Jersey and my parents lived their from 1970 to 2012. It's a pretty small town.

Some Clay Shaw genealogy.

One last addendum. The current President of Friends of Animals (as of 2018) is named Priscilla Feral.

"Feral"? Really? Sounds like a throw to me.

Another attorney for the Process Church was John Markham III. Markham was selected and installed  by the DOJ to prosecute Lyndon LaRouche over 30 years ago. Markham had filed the incorporation papers for the Process Church in Boston(?) and then San Francisco. In his role as government prosecutor against LaRouche he joined Mass. blue blood William Weld who I believe at one point had advertised himself as a Republican with plans to run against President Trump.  The judge that convicted LaRouche "Albert V. Bryan" had been one of the first judges to be selected to sit on the then very new and secretive FISA Court. Small world.



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