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David Lifton died on 12/6/2022

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Sorry to hear this. He kept mentioning his upcoming book, but when I queried him he never responded. I wonder if co-writers will release his work. 

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Sad news. His contributions were extremely important. Time is probably our most valuable commodity, something that we never have enough of. Whether you agreed with David Lifton or not, its worth recognising how much of his time he gave up/dedicated to the JFK Assassination and finding justice. 

Rest in peace, David Lifton. 

PS I really hope the remainder of his work makes it here. 

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R.I.P David Lifton, he was one of the original researchers and truly made a great contribution to JFK research and the case. 
When I was searching on YouTube for something to post of his, I came across this channel that I had never seen before with alot of new videos 

It's too bad Best Evidence was never made into a Movie


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5 hours ago, Joseph Backes said:

Source for this?


I cannot find one Joe.  I will search DUck DUck GO GO

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This may surprise some but I knew David a bit. Although we disagreed on a lot of stuff, we met up after a movie screening once, and actually attended another one together a few years back. He was obsessed with the JFK case and was extremely protective of his work. Within the past year he called me up to tell me his most recent theory, and then threatened to kill me if I revealed it before the release of his new book. He then stressed this point by telling me he knew where I lived. I subsequently asked a fellow researcher if he'd had a similar experience and he laughed and immediately told me the theory for which David had sworn me to secrecy. Evidently, he'd told a number of people of this theory, and had then threatened them in a similar manner. 

In any event, I liked David and enjoyed his company. He got sucked down the rabbit hole long before I, and he often expressed surprise that I could be so obsessed with the case while having a family. We shared a bond I suppose in that our lives were derailed when we realized something smelled in Denmark and the powers-that-be could give a rat's-ass. 


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  • Steven Kossor changed the title to David Lifton died on 12/6/2022

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